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BLAST Furness, the band, generate high octane street music, Leaping between New Orleans, Brazil and Jamaica their dancy tunes and wild spirit guarantee every stomp is a party romp.

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Street music is world music.

It is in the streets that civilization flows. When in the exquisite moment we dance and play together, the politics of prejudice, hate and killing can be no more. It is in the music that diversity is celebrated. With Ska, Salsa, Samba, Calypso, Township, Gypsy and, and..the whole world is a kaleidescope of sound that draws together all races, ages and musicians.

BLAST Furness, the 20 strong and 20 year old street band of the ancient town of Ulverston in South Cumbria, demonstrates freedom with joyous musical reverberations at festivals, weddings, markets, gatherings and parades.

We generate high octane street music from New Orleans and Brazil to eastern Europe Africa and more…

BLAST Furness Street music is world music. Every culture worth its salt bursts outdoors on occasion into free expression when horns, pulsating percussion and vibrating strings beat the soles of our feet.



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Photo credits, Big Thanks go to  for letting us use their pics –
  • Johnnie Bean – Morecambe Kite Festival
  • Mike Cambray – Staveley Carnival
  • Graham Wynne and Alan Watson – Glasgow Encontro Street Band Festival
  • Johann Knox – Edinburgh Busking
  • Solfest –
  • Ulverston Carnival –
  • Peter Jenkins- Cartmel Fun Day
  • Frank Seaton – Dick Fest