Meet the Band

The Basement /Engine Room 

They keep us all in order with their solid rhythm and deep bass sound.

Susie Souzaphone –

likes dressing up and is well known for his schoolboy impersonations, crazy festival dancing and special fire lighting abilities. Not a bad Sousa player either.

21077769_1518292861560871_7349418003540293903_n - Copy

Rockin Robin

youngest member of the band – deserves a medal for putting up with all of us old fogies .When not playing with the band, usually found off roading on a pile of mud somewhere with his proper mates.



aka Scraggy on the Baritone sax . Loves us so much he travels from  Lancashire to play – he likes to sneak in a crazy tune or two when he gets bored of the bass line and has also been known to blow a squeaky whistle

The Back Line Boys and Girls. Our Percussion Gang.

They BLAST out our rhythm on a variety of interesting and mysterious implements and drums and whistles and have been known to dance about a bit too


is in charge of percussion and keeps them in line. He plays a mean snare drum, invents lots of lively beats and is quite a snappy dresser .


Lovely Gill plays snare drum too .



bangs on the medium bass drum and is responsible for our website and other technical things and is also reserve tea monitor


Lynn keeps Neil organised at practise and also plays a bass drum but it’s a bit smaller. Here she is keeping the beat in the Stavely Carnival Parade last summer .



This lovely lady plays the Timba which she usually decorates with tinsel or twinkly lights and things. Patricia  is an amazing Flamenco dancer (but she likes to keep that secret) .

patricia 1


Started off with the band brandishing an umbrella at our gigs and walking at the front in parades. She was so talented at this that we promoted her to tambourine. There is no stopping her now, she is also learning to play the triangle.



Viv is a collector of many hats and wears exotic dresses , she plays unusual jingly jangly things in the percussion line up. She finds these in foreign countries when she migrates for the winter.


The Trumpets

With their resounding top notes, high impact sound and boundless energy these two are on fire. They  really help to put the BLAST in BLAST Furness


likes to keep a low profile but it has to be said that she keeps the band together and organises lots of gigs and practises.  A Slave to the Music (she has a dress with it written on ) and is a pretty hot trumpet player too


is passionate about his trumpet playing,  brings lots of positive energy to the band and lots of screaming high notes too – he also does quite noisy singing


Soprano Sax and Megaphone – Foxy John Fox

The founder of BLAST Furness the amazing Mr John Fox MBE . He entertains us and the crowds with his cheery banter in between tunes which gives us time to get our breath back. He likes to play lots of twiddly high bits whenever he gets the chance .


The Alto Saxes

They have to stand in the centre of the front row because they get into trouble at the end. Team Alto get to play lovely melodies and like to dance around a lot .


does lots of the money and secretarial type things. She is also very good at organising the Altos music and keeping an eye on Lez.

3 on the street


has loads of musical energy which gets the altos into trouble . He wears a kilt when on Scottish gigs  Lez is also trainee deputy megaphone person for when Foxy is indisposed.



no words to describe her

21751624_10213200192775997_6541829707009710562_n - Copy - Copy

The Tenor Saxes

We get a great solid deep blasting sound from our four tenors. They are at the opposite end of the front row from the trumpets and are a force to be reckoned with .


What a mover ! He has won prizes for his dancing and never stands still in a performance. A very experienced player, Col plays fantastic solos out front too.

col and rosa


Thinks about  our choreography and makes sure we look good when we are performing She also adds sign language to some of our tunes when we are singing and holds words up on paper for the crowds to join in

Debbie in competition

Sue G

Sue is our Matriarch and likes to look after us all. She also keeps John organised. This amazing lady has been blasting with the band from the start 20 years ago .

Sue Gill

Sue W

Blasts so loudly she often wears head phones and is also rarely seen without a small rucksack on her back which has lots of useful stuff in “just in case”


The Reverend Chris

We used to play a tune called John The Rev but we don’t now. We have got Chris the Rev instead. He plays a mean trombone and is so new to the band that there aren’t many photos of him yet.

So that’s BLAST Furness – if you would like any more information about the band please email

[email protected]